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27 février 2021
 Février    2021 
di lu ma me je ve sa
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Paul Cargnello  Dream For Luck

Artiste : Paul Cargnello

Titre de la chanson : : Dream For Luck
De : : Paul Cargnello
Titre de l'album : La Reine Contre Paul Cargnello

everybody i know (you know) dreams for luck
so much heat that you can't hold it in your hand,
staring straight and long into the tinted glass
you're gonna do what you will,
bit the world is never still
another winter, they're all the same
got a shitty hand, playing a blind game
you're gonna do what you will...
you gotta what you can to get unstuck
a sharp wind, the smell of wet cement,
thinking about the good times
wondering where they went,
you're gonna do what you will...
got a slow snap, and a long whistle
paul be quick and paul be nimble,
i got to do what i can to get unstuck