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21 janvier 2019
 Janvier    2019 
di lu ma me je ve sa
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John Legend - ALL OF ME - Cover by Chloé
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Chloé is an 22-year-old independent Canadian singer/model based in Canada, whose first performance was at age ten. Shortly after that, she began taking music and voice lessons and started to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. She wants to make music that will inspire people, to help them get through whatever they’re going through in their lives.

She got her start in school performing at different levels. She has since performed with several different people and groups and sung Canada's and the US National Anthems at the Bell Centre in Montreal and at the Colisée de Québec for the NHL (The Montreal Canadian) and the NBA.

The multi-talented 22-year-old can sing, act and model. Clearly, Chloé is remarkably self-aware, and constantly striving for improvement. She also remains a typical 22-year-old: A quick-texting, multi-tasking teen, obsessed with music, clothes, movies. Whether she’s covering a Lady Gaga song live, downloading music, Chloe’s pure enthusiasm for everything she is and does is clear. She counts Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, Shania Twain as some of her influences.

Chloé is unique and motivated to further expose her edgey dedication to achieve her goal of sharing her original music worldwide.

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