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3 juillet 2022
 Juillet    2022 
di lu ma me je ve sa
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Céline Dion Because You Loved Me

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  • Artiste : Céline Dion

    Titre de la chanson : : Because You Loved Me
    De : : Céline Dion
    Titre de l'album : 1996- Falling Into You

    foe all those times you stood by me
    for all the truth that you made me see
    for all the joy you brought to my life
    for all the wrong that you made right
    for every dream you made come true
    fore all the love i found in you
    i'll be forever thankefull baby
    you're the one who held me up never let me fall
    you the one who saw me trough trough it all
    you were my strenth when i was weack
    you were my voice when i could'nt speack
    you were my eyes when i could'nt see
    you saw the best there was in me
    liftead me up when i could'nt reach
    you gave faith cause you belived
    i'm every thing i am
    because you loved me oh baby
    you gave me wings and made me fly
    you touched my hand i could touched the sky
    you were always there for me
    the tender wind that carried me
    a light in the darck shinning your love into my life
    you 've been my inspiration
    trough the lies you were the truth
    my world is butter place because of you
    i lost my faith you gave it back to me
    you say no star was out of reach
    you stood by me and i stood tall
    i had your love i had it all
    i'm grateful for each day you gave me
    maybe i don't know that much
    but i know this much is true
    i was blessed because i was loved by you