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29 mai 2022
 Mai    2022 
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Paul Cargnello  Tell me ‘bout Magnets, Webb.

Artiste : Paul Cargnello

Titre de la chanson : : Tell me ‘bout Magnets, Webb.
De : : Paul Cargnello
Titre de l'album : La Reine Contre Paul Cargnello

Tell me ‘bout Magnets, Webb.
The virgins of speak balance the words on their tongue
with a meaning so cruel they will eat their young
The king of quarters drops his fortune into the slot
he needs to hear all the songs aboutwho he`s not
Broken fingers poke and broken eyes look
you can never retake what you already took
Tell me ‘bout Magnets, Webb.

The fifth of May I wear that day like a mask
the agelessness of death my name engraved on a flask
I never knew but boy, I did talk
even without the key I would unlock
I lived in the mud and I dreampt only of you
my life an endless mystery without a clue
Tell me ‘bout Magnets, Webb.